Our full Tune-Ups will keep your motor running in tip-top shape. A Tune-Up can be done anytime during the year.

Our Tune-Up includes the following: 

  • Check Spark, Compression, & Leakdown

  • Change Engine Oil & Filter (Excludes 2-Strokes) 

  • Replace Spark Plugs

  • Replace Fuel Filter

  • Add Fuel System Cleaner to Gas

  • Engine Tune Motor

  • Check Battery

  • Adjust all Linkage & Carbs

  • Replace Water Pump Impeller

  • Inspect Thermostat

  • Check Power Trim Fluid

  • Drain & Refill Lower Unit Lube

  • Pressure & Vacuum Check Gear Case

  • Check Corrosion Control Anodes

  • Grease all Fittings & Steering Cables

  • Pull Prop; Check for Fish Line & File any Minor Nicks

  • Look over Motor for Loose Bolts, Nuts, & Screws

State of Health Check

Our State of Health Check will get your boat and motor ready for the spring season or can be done anytime throughout the year. We do a full check over on your motor. This is a great service to do between your Tune-Ups.

Our State of Health Check includes the following:


  • Check Spark & Compression

  • Check Linkage & Carb Adjustments

  • Check Lower Unit Lube

  • Inspect Thermostat

  • Check Fuel Filter

  • Check Battery

  • Check Corrosion Control Anodes

  • Check Power Trim Fluid

  • Grease all Fittings & Steering Cable

  • Pull Prop; Check for Fish Line & File any Minor Nicks

  • Look over Motor for Loose Bolts, Nuts, & Screws

Spring Restart

Our Spring Restart will get your boat or pontoon ready to drop in the water and go!


  • Our Spring Restart Includes the Following:

  • Check & Charge up your batteries

  • Test run the motor

  • Inspect all Lights on your Boat & Trailer

  • Check Tire Pressure on Trailer

  • Check all Accessories & make sure they work properly

  • Check Lower Unit Lube.


After a Spring Restart you'll be all set for the water! 

Oil and Filter Change

Keep your motor running smoothly with regular oil changes (specified by manufacturer). This is an easy and affordable way to keep your motor running longer. 

Prop/Skeg Repair

Hit a rock or have small nicks? We are able to repair your prop or skeg to bring it back to life. 

Engine Rebuild

An engine rebuild can enhance your machine's performance. We rebuild the engine with all new components. Your motor will be like-new again! During our winter months we offer a discounted shop rate, and is the perfect time to get any engine rebuilds done. 

Water Pump Job

Changing your water pump impeller is routinely maintenance that will help keep your engine running longer. We change the impeller and any gaskets or housing that need to be replace as well. 

Repack Wheel Bearings

We repack wheel bearings and change seals. 

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